Is your property infested by gophers?

Rodent mats appear cute but cause a lot of damage around the property. Gophers are small rodents that live under the ground and dig long tunnel systems. Having gophers on your property can be a challenge, especially if you have a garden or farm. They can consume small plants and destroy crops and vegetables.

Additionally, gophers may carry infections that can find their way to your pets or your family. As a result, you should call a pest inspection company as soon as you notice a gopher infestation. In this post, we will check out the best gopher bug control companies in our area Coachella Valley.

Keep the contacts of the pest control companies handy to reach out whenever you see the pesky rodents. We will first describe the signs of gopher infestations and then move on to the list of top pest management companies.


gopher pest companies


What are the Signs of a Gopher Infestation?

Gophers live underground and dig elaborate tunnels. Plus, they prey on your plants and vegetations. So, the signs to look out for are:

  • Mounds of soil:

Gophers dig the soil to create tunnels and deposit it above the ground. You may notice mounds of soil in fan shapes around your property beside tunnel openings. While gophers are active around the year, they mostly dig tunnels during the end of winter and beginning of spring.

  • Loss of vegetation

Gophers eat plants starting with roots. They may even pull down small plants into their tunnels. Keep an eye for unhealthy or missing trees on your property to spot signs of gopher infestation. Eaten up vegetables or fruits may also indicate the presence of gophers.

  • Leaks in pipes

Gophers may sometimes gnaw on plastic pipes carrying water, especially irrigation pipes. So, it may be a sign of gophers if you find leaks in your pipe or notice a drop in water flow.

  • Sick pets

Infections from gophers or their feces may end up affecting your pets or even family members. If you notice someone or your pets falling sick suddenly without explainable causes, it may mean something is wrong. However, other pests may also cause infections.

The best way to determine gopher infestation is to get professional help. Gopher pest control companies A pest infestation company will evaluate your situation and tell you exactly if it’s due to gophers.

Once you know gophers are causing havoc, it’s time to call gopher pest control companies.


5 Best Gopher Pest Control Companies in Coachella Valley

Here are the top gopher management companies in Coachella Valley. All companies are professional and provide top-notch service to eradicate gophers. We will start with the most popular company in the region.

1. Bug Guys Pest Control

Bug Guys is the number one pest control company as per reviews of the residents. It has more than 20 years of experience in eliminating pests of all sorts. With more than 20,000 satisfied customers, Bug Guys is the most efficient and expert bug control company around.

Gopher control is a specialty of Bug Guys, offered as a part of its residential pest control. You can track and remove all gophers at the best rates in the industry. The team uses the most humane ways to capture gophers and cleans up everything before leaving.

You can call Bug Guys for a free estimate.

2. Rudy’s Pest Control

Rudy’s is another pest control company with years of experience. It was started in 1991 and helped residents of Coachella Valley get rid of pests for more than twenty years. The company specializes in a range of pests, including gophers.

You can also contact Rudy’s for emergency services at a higher cost. The expert staff is adept at handling gophers or any rodents you find around your house. You can call their number to schedule an appointment at any time. The team also speaks Spanish for the convenience of the customers.

3. Mr. Beez Termite & Pest Control

Mr. Beez is your friendly neighborhood pest inspection company. You can contact them to control pests of all nature. The company does a good job of eliminating gophers from your property.

Mr. Beez is also one of the oldest bug control companies in Coachella Valley. The company serves both residential and commercial clients. Plus, you can also sign up for monthly pest control plans.

Mr. Beez has a number of good reviews from local customers. They are professional and handle rodents quite successfully. You may also get a discount on your first service.

4. Palm Springs Pest Control

Palm Springs is a popular pest management company in the area. The company provides pest control services for residents and business owners. It is quite good at removing gophers from your property. You can also approach them for landscape pest control to save your trees from all sorts of pests.

Palm Springs is also operating for over 25 years with good feedback from customers. They also service nearby areas with a big team. You may even get a special rate applicable to local residents and get a free inspection too!

5. Protec All Pest Specialists

Protec is a local pest control company for the residents of CA, including Coachella Valley. You can rely on them for quality gopher control and management. The company comes with more than a decade’s experience and many happy customers. It also offers a range of services apart from gopher management.

Protec tries to use eco-friendly solutions to eliminate pests. They use safe ways to remove pests to protect your family and pets. You can contact them at any time you spot the signs of gopher infestation around your house.


Final Thoughts

Don’t delay when you spot signs of gopher infestation. It can get worse, and you may soon find more gophers than you can imagine. Contact a reliable pest control company to eradicate gophers to protect your garden and property.