Are you looking to have some excitement to your weekend? The perfect place to explore is the Araby Trail in Palm Springs. Nestled within the Coachella Valley, sits the perfect trail for those looking to cut loose from their everyday routine. One thing to remember before you embark on your journey is to remember to bring lots of water. No matter the time of year, it gets quite toasty, and with some of the hike being somewhat labor intensive you are going to want to be prepared. Being prepared also means you should pack a lunch because you are going to want to refuel to finish the excursion. There aren’t any picnic tables along the way, but there are some pretty impressive rocks that you can stop by to take in the scenery and enjoy a bite to eat.

Landscape view of Araby trail

Access to the Araby trail can be done from two different entrances; you can choose either the Rimcrest/South Ridge development or the Garstin trails. Remember to be safe and park your vehicle in the dirt and keep it locked.

When you are out on the trail, there are a few milestones you will want to see. Setting out on an adventure is a great way to spend your day, and Araby trail has some of the most beautiful settings you can imagine. The average time dedicated to the hike is about 2 hours and depends on how fast you can accomplish the trail. It’s not difficult, but it does have moments of challenge. The total path length is just over 3 miles and has many twists and turns.

If you choose to venture out onto the shorter path, you will be in for a workout. Which is one of the reasons residents love to travel the Araby Trail? It is a great workout to add to your daily routine. One of the reasons people take the trail is to see the Bob Hope estate. It is one of the most magnificent sites you can see. On the initial part of the trail, you will see homes and greenery. Then you will take in the outdoors with the highlight of estates from the elite.

After about .2 mile you will ascend an uphill climb and will see properties that are so unbelievable you would think you are viewing People magazine.

The Araby trail offers many eye opening views, and once you reach the peak, you will be over 1000 feet high looking out onto the Valley. It is a sight that shouldn’t be missed.


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See directions below:

Araby Trails (This route has restricted usage or private roads.)
Palm Springs, CA 92264, USA

Head north on Southridge Dr toward Southridge Cir
0.9 mi

Turn right onto E Palm Canyon Dr
3.7 mi

Continue onto CA-111 S
0.4 mi

Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Frank Sinatra Dr
4.3 mi

Turn left onto Shepherd Ln
0.4 mi

Turn right onto E Petunia Pl
!Destination will be on the left
220 ft

Bug Guy Services Palm Desert
74112 E Petunia Pl, Palm Desert, CA 92211, USA


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