Red ants on rice.





No one wants to walk into their kitchen and discover a long line of ants invading their living space. Ants are resilient little creatures, often making their way through your home in a short period of time. In California, the weather has a lot to do with pest invasions. Ants attempt to enter the home when it is cool and wet and when it is hot and dry. And, keep in mind that just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there; most ant colonies “rest” for a period of time and go into hibernation before coming back in full force once again.  With a few common household products, however, you can keep these little pests at bay, at least for a while.


Spray Windex directly on any ants that you see. Not only will the solution kill the pests, but it also helps to clean your home at the same time! Keep in mind, however, that you are not addressing the root of the problem with this method. There is still a colony to contend with going forward.

Soap And Water

Do you have pets? Pet food is a beacon for ants, because it is both easily accessible and plentiful. Instead of just sitting the dish on the floor, first fill a different plate with soapy water and set it down. Next, put the bowl of pet food on top of the soapy plate, so that the water surrounds the base of the bowl. Ants will not be able to get to the food, eliminating one of the biggest problems homeowners face in this situation.


Chalk has been used to deal with ant infestations for many years. Draw a line to form a barrier and discourage ants from moving throughout your home. You can also take chalk dust or shavings and sprinkle them in problematic areas throughout the property.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds work in much the same way as chalk, although using them on the exterior of the home is often preferable to the interior. For example, if you have a garden with an ant infestation, try tossing a few coffee grounds down to deter them from lingering in the space.


Combine vinegar with water and use the mixture to clean your counters and floors. Not only is it a safe method of dealing with a pest problem, but it leaves the room smelling fresh, too! Take extra care to clean the areas where you have seen ants. Also, if you are able to locate the nest, pour a bit of white vinegar right into the area to stop the problem in its tracks.

If you do not address your ant problem, they will continue to reproduce and form multiple colonies. Once that happens, it can be difficult for even a professional exterminator to take care of the issue. The most effective time to address the problem is before the infestation becomes overwhelming. If you continue to see ants even after taking steps to deal with them, it may be time to call in the Bug Guys to help.