What Every Homeowner Should Know About Bed Bugs

Don’t let the bed bugs bite. As the nursery rhyme goes, it couldn’t be more accurate. Bed bugs are more active at night and like to indulge in any warm-blooded snack they can find, mainly humans and pets. A bed bug infestation is one of the most devastating situations that can happen to a home. In many cases, the homeowner will feel ashamed or that their home is dirty because of it, and getting bed bug pest control services to solve the problem can lead to feeling embarrassed. However, pest control companies know of these concerns, and many, like Bug Guy Services, respectfully deal with the issue, they’re not there to judge, merely exterminate the problem.

If you have never had bed bugs, count yourself lucky. One in five homes are affected by this problem, and it is a growing concern for apartments. Let’s take a look at some of the things every homeowner, renter, property owner, and a landlord should know about these pesky bugs.


What Do They Look Like?

Bed bugs are small, tiny in fact. You will be able to see them with the naked eye unlike other common household pests like dust mites. Their bodies are flat and oval shaped. Most have a brownish color, but after feeding their bodies will have a red hue. A fact many don’t know is while they are wingless pests, they will grow wing pads in the adult stage. However, they aren’t functional. A small bed bug can reproduce quickly. One can turn into over 37,000 in just nine months, which is why it is imperative to recognize the signs of an infestation and where to look.

Illustration showing the life cycle of a bed bug (Cimex lectularius).

Where Can Bed Bugs Be Found?

As their name suggests, bed bugs are commonly found in the bedroom, most notably residing in your bedding. Common locations include behind the headboard, in the mattress or box springs, and under fitted sheets. But it is essential to know that they are not limited to just the bedroom. Bed bugs can make their way through the home, and rapidly. They can be found just about anywhere a food source is available.  It doesn’t matter if your home is the cleanest place on the block or the dirtiest, bed bugs can be found in any home.

Bed bug larvae on concrete cracks

Do Bed Bugs Have Nests?

The short answer, no. Bedbugs while communal in nature, don’t have a “nest,” They travel in groups, but don’t set up a permanent place of residency. The primary goal for bedbugs is to find a food source. They are not really concerned with setting up shop in one location, because it would limit their ability to feed. In short, they go where the food is easy to get to. This is why they are commonly found in the bedroom, where a sleeping adult or child is an easy meal.


Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Knowledge is power, and being able to identify the signs of a bed bug infestation, especially early on is crucial to stopping them in their tracks. Seeing a bed bug is a pretty good indication that you indeed have an outbreak, but most of the time bed bugs are terrific at hiding. Because they don’t typically come out until night time, most of the signs you will look for will be at night or when you wake up.

Have you been in bed at night and felt itchy or uncomfortable? Don’t just chalk this up to a stray hair on your leg; it may be an indication of bed bugs. Clean bedding will not make someone itchy for no reason, but the crawling of a bed bug will. If you are being kept up at night with an uncomfortable feeling like something is crawling on you, it is a good idea to have the problem looked at.

Waking up and seeing blood spots on your sheets could also be a sign of bed bugs. Rolling over, and crushing bed bugs or blood stains from the area you were bitten are one of the top questions asked when trying to determine if there is a bed bug infestation. The pest control company may look at your bedding and mattress for patterns of blood stains.

Another common sign is the bites themselves. If you feel itchy at bedtime, and awake with bumps, usually in sets of three on your abdomen or thighs it is a pretty good bet that bed bugs are the cause.


A single bed bug on a dark gray bed sheet.

What Should You Do If You Suspect An Infestation?

Wondering if you have a bed bug infestation problem on your hands? If you are concerned with the possibility of bed bugs, the only true way to know for sure is having a bed bug inspection done by your local pest control company. They are experts at hunting down the clues and spotting the telltale signs of an infestation. You will have peace of mind and a definitive answer with an inspection. It is recommended that you don’t delay having an examination done for bed bugs if you think your home is infected because the problem will only worsen over time.


Types of Bed Bug Treatments Available?

Bed bugs are one of the hardest pests to eliminate. It will require a bed bug pest control treatment to ensure the adults, babies, and eggs are killed. While there are store bought solutions available on the market, these are relatively infective. The only way to 100% rid your home of bed bugs is to call the exterminator. Bed bug treatments from a pest control company will not only get rid of the problem, in most cases, but they also guarantee you will be bedbug-free after, or they will return to retreat.

Bed bug pest control companies will have a few options available to eradicate the problem. The most effective being heat treatments. Heat treatments will raise the temperature in your home to a staggering 118 degrees, killing bed bugs in as little as 90 minutes. If higher temperatures are reached, usually 122 degrees bed bugs will die instantly. They are heat sensitive, and it is the only sure-fire method of getting rid of every last one of them.


Tips To Avoid A Bed Bug Infestation

Avoiding bed bugs means staying vigil about what you bring into your home, namely used articles of clothing or bedding. If you shop second hand, always make sure to wash items in hot water before putting away or using. Living in an apartment it may be hard to control the possibility of bedbugs if your neighbor has them, but having a landlord that takes notice of this issue early or has bed bug inspections done regularly can help prevent a more massive infestation.

When staying at a hotel, assume there are bed bugs present. While this may sound horrible, especially staying in a nicer place, being on guard about what you bring back into your home can lessen the chances of spreading them to your household. Always wash anything from a trip before putting it in dressers or closets.

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