Bed bugs are one of the most feared pests that can infest a home. They are hard to eliminate, and nearly impossible to get rid of. The reason why they are so difficult to eradicate is most pesticides don’t work on them. Instead, the only way to truly rid them of a home is to use the special heating equipment.

If you have bed bugs, you have probably wondered where they came from. You should know that bed bugs can infest even the cleanest of homes and it doesn’t mean you dirty. Having a messy house is how you get bed bugs, is a common belief that isn’t accurate. Households can get bed bugs by bringing in affected cloth materials such as bedding and clothes. For this reason, you should wash any materials bought second hand to limit the possibility of infestation.

Heat treatment equipment for bed bugsIf you suspect your residence has been infested with bed bugs, call a professional quickly. The bed bug elimination service is far different than other insect or pest control options. A trained professional will enter the home and evaluate where the bed bugs are residing, and determine whether or not your suspicions are correct.

One established that bed bugs are the problem, the technician will set up a heat treatment appointment. The heat treatment will raise the temperature in your home or single room up to 145 degrees. Bed bugs and their eggs will die within 90 minutes once they reach 118 degrees. Or kill immediately once they reach 122 degrees. Depending on what machine your Palm Desert insect control company uses will determine how long the treatment will take. Typically, a bed bug elimination service can take six to eight hours to complete. The technician will watch the remote thermometer to ensure the home reaches ideal bed bug killing temps. Most machines will raise the temperature in your home up to 145 degrees!

You are probably wondering what happens inside your home during the heat treatment. When temperatures reach the 135- 145 degree mark its possible to melt specific items in the house. Before the heat treatment removes objects you don’t want to be damaged, most Palm Desert pest exterminators don’t cover damages that can occur during heat treatment.

After the heat treatment is done, it is best to have added protection from reinfestation. Your pest control company can apply an insecticide to the infected room and throughout the house to limit the chance of reinfestation.


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