Do you have a pesky skunk that seems to love your property? While skunks are seemingly cute creatures, they pack a potent punch with their pungent spray capabilities. Dealing with a skunk is only half the battle. Most individuals who want to get rid of a skunk wish to do so without getting sprayed. It can be a catch-22 situation as skunks will spray anytime they feel in danger or see a predator. If you’re walking up to a skunk, they likely will sense that there is a problem and use their go-to method for diverting danger.

In this article, we’ll talk about animal trapping and baiting. It’s essential to know what baits work best when trying to trap a skunk if you wish to remove it safely from your property. If dealing with a skunk seems complicated, or you would like the safest method for handling an unwanted pest, contacting your local pest controller for animal trapping is the best solution.


what is the best bait for skunks


What Is the Best Bait for Skunks

Skunks can be attracted to chickens and eggs. You may notice that animals like skunks are more common problems for those who have a farm. Additionally, trash is another reason homeowners will see skunks around their property. However, chickens and roosters are one of the top contributors to a skunk problem.

Skunks, though, are not always the enemy. While they’re certainly not welcome, most skunks can be friendly. Some people will even try to domesticate skunks having their mercaptan emitting scent glands removed. However, if you aren’t so into having a baby skunk as a pet, you’re likely looking for ways to bait and trap to release the creature from your property safely.

Below you’ll find the top nine baits known to attract skunks. If you’re having a problem with these pests, learning how to attract them, trap them can be the fastest approach to getting them away from your house. Though skunks don’t like to interact with people, they can cause problems and do carry diseases. Should you feel uncomfortable with live animal trapping, pest control from Bug Guys Pest Control can be the best solution. With our pest control, our experts can quickly eliminate all unwanted pests, including skunks.


From a can, sardines is one of the easiest methods for attracting skunks. In general, skunks are delighted by sardines’ smell and flavor, making it an irresistible treat. Sardines can be found at any grocery store and are relatively inexpensive.

Cat Food

One item many homeowners already have on hand is cat food. If you have a cat, this will be an easy one to procure. Merely pouring a cup of cat food into the trap should suffice. While cat food doesn’t give off a strong odor as sardines, it is a significant nutrition source that skunks will be drawn to.

Crispy Bacon

Everyone loves bacon. This even includes skunks. They prefer crispy bacon and can smell this bacon staple from a pretty good distance away.

Fresh Eggs

Fresh eggs are among the top options for skunks. This is one reason many skunks enter into a human’s domain looking for chicken coops. Putting easily attainable eggs inside the trap is one surefire way to catch a hungry skunk.

Chicken or Turkey

You can use baked chicken or even deli meat inside a trap, and it will do the job. Typically, skunks are attracted to any meat-based oily food.


Cracklings are a southern tradition. They are the crispy, fatty skin of roast pork. Often they are deep-fried. While these are a tasty dish and keto-friendly, they’re also a way to attract skunks.

Bread Crumbs

While it may not seem very exciting, bread crumbs also will attract skunks. You’ll need to keep the bread crumbs off the ground to prevent them from becoming soggy.

Canned Tuna

With tuna, you can use virtually any brand in water or oil. Tuna will give off a pungent smell, which is often an attractant and can speed the trapping process.

Peanut Butter

Like bacon, most people enjoy peanut butter. So do skunks. Peanut butter is a slightly more difficult ingredient to work with for trapping but is a powerful option for enticing a skunk.


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How to Bait a Skunk Using Traps

Baiting a skunk is a simple process. Now that you know what foods will attract a skunk, you simply set the trap and wait. With the use of a live trap, the skunk will smell the food and enter into the trapping. Once inside, the trap will close and secure the animal. There are other types of traps available that are less humane. Most pest controllers, including Bug Guys Pest Control, prefer the use of non-lethal traps. This is a catch and release method. Once the animal is inside, it can be taken off the property and released back into the wild or dealt with offsite.
There are several benefits to using a non-lethal trap. One of the top being that it’s less messy and less painful for the animal.


What to do After Catching a Skunk

After you’ve caught a skunk, you’re probably wondering what to do with it. Capturing a skunk with a blanket may keep it from spraying. Remember, skunks only spray what they can see. You’ll need to transfer the animal to a trap or cage. Once you’ve trapped a skunk, you can contact pest control for pickup. Alternatively, if you don’t want to deal with the possibility of injuries or getting sprayed, calling pest control for assistance may be the best solution



Skunks can be a nuisance. If you’re having problems with one and won’t go away, trapping is the best approach to solving the issues. Trapping can be a non-lethal method for collecting the skunk and moving it off your property. But to entice the skunk into the trap, you’ll need an excellent bait. Above, we’ve included the top options to catch a skunk, including crispy bacon, cat food, sardines, canned tuna, and peanut butter. Most of these items are readily available in the home or easy and inexpensive to purchase. Should you have a problem with skunks or require expert pest control for your Coachella Valley home, we can help. Give us a call at (442) 227-8409 or contact us online today.