When you have tried to get rid of pests yourself and are not obtaining results, you cannot stand the pests anymore, and have finally decided it is time to throw in the towel, it may be time to call in professional pest control services.  The biggest issue comes when trying to find the right ones.  There are so many to choose from.  You want to make sure that the company you hire does the job that you expect them to do, the job that they ensured you they would do properly.  How do you do this?  Here are a few questions that you can ask in order to ensure that the company you have decided to hire is reliable.


What type of license do you have? Do you belong to any type of professional organization?

Licensing requirements vary depending on where you live.  However, it is important to realize that licenses provide you with proof that the company you are talking with meets the minimal requirements and expectations set by your state.  You want to ask about the type of training that the staff and technicians receive as well.  Finally, you should inquire about whether or not their training follows the instruction that is recognized for the application and safe handling of the different types of materials and chemicals that are used.  It is imperative that you know they know what they are doing in this area.  The last thing you need is for someone to come out and apply chemicals the wrong way and cause you or your family to become ill.


Pest control guy with a lady, inspecting the kitchen.

Do you have insurance?

You always want to make sure that any company that you hire to do any type of job has insurance.  This shows that they take initiative and proactively protect their customers.  Once they have answered the question about their insurance, ask whether or not they are bonded.


Do you provide any guarantees or references?

Pest control professionals know that treating your home is not all that needs to be done.  The results matter.  Most companies will provide a guarantee for their work, within reason.  They will tell you that their program is effective and tell you the terms of the guarantee.  You should also inquire whether or not additional treatments that may come along are included in the initial price or if you will have to pay more later.  You should inquire about references.  If the company provides you with references, check them out.  Find out what other customers thought about the business.


Can you provide me with any specific details about your treatment program?

You want to know what they are going to do when they come to your home.  Find out what types of chemicals they plan to use.  Ask about the process in which they exterminate pests.  You also want to ask about any risks to their processes.  Find out how long you will have to find other living arrangements for those who reside in the home and for your pets and if there is any extra time needed for ventilation or drying.  Finally, ask about how long it should be until you begin seeing results.  This will give you an idea of what you have to do in order to prepare for the extermination and give you an idea of how long to wait for results to show up.


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