With summer gearing up and about to be in full swing, insects are making their presence known. The two most common pests that are frequently seen in the warmer months are bees and wasps. Rancho Mirage insect control company, The Bug Guys, can remove and eradicate bees and wasps from your home safely and quickly. These flying creatures have positive and negative qualities. Read on to learn some interesting facts you might not know about bees and wasps.

Close up image of a wasp on white background. Bee Stings

Okay, the fact bees and wasps sting are pretty well known. If you’ve been unfortunate and experienced being stung by one, then you know how painful it can be. But there are other interesting facts about their stinging you might not know. For instance, wasps can sting multiple times, whereas bees can only sting once. What’s more curious is just the female wasp stings. The stinger of the female wasp is used for laying their eggs.

What Makes People Allergic To Bees

Many people are allergic to the stings of bees and wasps. While most don’t require treatment, bee poisoning from multiple stings, have adverse reactions that may require medical attention. But most of the time stings from these pests aren’t fatal. Results that can occur include swelling and pain at the sting site up to the more severe anaphylaxis. Other possible reactions include nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, and lowered blood pressure.

While bees and wasps are different insects, the venom they carry is the same. That venom is what causes a reaction in those with sensitivities. If you have a hive near your house having a professional Rancho Mirage pest control company eliminate it will be the safest bet.

Two wasps getting nectar on a purple flower. Bees and Wasps Are Essential to the Ecosystem

You’ve no doubt heard about some of the terrific roles bee play in our ecosystem. Bees are hugely responsible for most of the pollination that occurs around the US. They also produce the sweet nectar, honey, in their hives. While bees are busy pollinating flowers, wasps have an equally significant job. Wasps prey on many, if not most other pests around them. Wasps will single-handedly control the population of species due to their aggressive nature. They will prey upon pests for two purposes. Wasps will either eat their prey or use them as a means to spread their larvae. While both these insects are vital to the environment, they aren’t something you would want around the home. Pest control Rancho Mirage can eliminate any nests or hives to ensure your property is free from bees and wasps.


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