Bed bugs are one of the most misunderstood pests in the world of insects. Anyone that has heard about them, or has the pleasure of their company knows just how genuinely not fun they are. They can make homes feel very unwelcoming, not to mention very itchy. Bed bugs are on the lookout for a warm place to live and a constant food source, and sadly this ends up being nine times out of ten in a home’s bedding. However, there are many misconceptions about these unwanted pests that need to be cleared up.

You Can Get Bed Bugs From Being Dirty

Close up image of two bed bugs on a white bed sheet.

It is false. While it is easy to blame an infestation of bed bugs on being dirty, this isn’t the case. They can enter the cleanest of homes. The only thing bed bugs are looking for is a tasty meal and a place to burrow into. So before thinking that a semi-dirty house is the only place they like to live, think again. Anyone can be at risk of having a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bugs Can Be Eliminated With DIY Methods

While some there are some cases of individuals being successful at bed bug elimination, it mainly has to do with how bad the infestation. Bed bugs are easy to kill, individually. The problem most people have is locating each bug. The other problem is that over the counter bug bombs don’t work. They can make an infestation worse. All it takes is a male and a female, and they will be off to reproducing. The easiest way to get rid of bed bugs is to call a professional.

You Can Wait Them Out

Of all the common myths, this is a huge one. Waiting them out is not the solution. Bed bugs multiply, and quickly. Their life cycle is high-speed. They can go from babies to adults in 3 weeks. Waiting them out will only create more bed bugs which means they will take over the residence in no time flat.

Bed Bugs Can Fly

It is also a myth. Bed bugs crawl and fast. They can walk long distances in a short amount of time. Most commonly they move to find a food source and find a place to live. Bed bugs also are more active at night then during the daytime, so if you are seeing yourself itching at night, don’t disregard this notion and call a bed bug exterminator.


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