There are many common myths associated with bed bugs. Those that are dirty will undoubtedly have bed bugs, is one common myth that exists surrounding bed bugs. However, even if you are the cleanest person on the planet, you can fall victim to an infestation. The only way to indeed eliminate a bed bug infestation is to have a Cathedral City Pest Control Service performed. It’s time to set the bed bug record straight on how they are spread, and how your home can begin to have bed bugs living within your walls and mattress.

Close up image of a bed bug crawling on a skin. Where Do Bed Bugs Really Come From?

If you have ever wondered how bed bugs make their way from place to place, it’s quite simple. We bring them into our homes. These bugs commonly infest used furniture, clothing, and bedding, A simple trip and purchase at a thrift store can be enough to bring these pests home with you. A Cathedral City Insect Control company has services that will be able to assess if bed bugs have infiltrated your home.

Another way and a prevalent one at that is hotel rooms. A person may or may not know that their home has bed bugs. When they go to stay at a hotel, they may bring infected clothing or items into their room. Then the infestation will begin. The next person to stay in the infected hotel room will then have their clothing then infected and bring the bed bugs home.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

The process for removing bed bugs from the home requires the assistance of a trained professional. Specialized equipment will be used to heat your home or rooms to over 155 degrees killing bed bugs and their eggs. The heat treating process will take anywhere from six to eight hours to complete depending on the severity of the infestation.

About Bug Guys Pest Control

Bug Guys offer several services, including bed bug treatments, for the Palm Desert and surrounding areas. Bug Guys are also Cathedral City Ant Exterminators, that can eliminate any pest problem you may be having any time of year.


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