Pest control services are your best bet when facing an infestation problem. By choosing to bring in a professional, you ensure that the extermination is done correctly the first time. Additionally, you save yourself the hassle of the hit-or-miss success that often accompanies trying to get rid of the pests solo. Pest control specialists have the skills to accurately determine the extent of your infestation and to do the best treatment.

When looking at your choices for local pest control companies, it is important that you find the best combination of good work and good price. In addition to cost and commitment, here are some extra things to look out for when you are choosing a pest control specialist:

  • Make sure you are dealing with lisenced technicians: Although each company will try to boast their own qualifications, not all licenses and certificates carry the same kind of weight – make sure the ones you are looking at have the proper licenses, verified by the state of California.
  • Make sure they check out: Asking for references or looking up the business on websites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can go a long way in making sure that you are going to get what you expect. Licensed pest service guy applying pest control treatment on a tree.
  • Ask for an estimate: Don’t be swindled into signing a contract right away. Ask for an estimate for their services and compare it with competitors to make sure you are getting the reasonable rate that you want. Many companies also provide a guarantee on their work.
  • Beware of sensational claims: Look out for companies who claim they have a “secret formula” of any sort – all pesticides used on your home must be registered with the US EPA and Department of Agriculture. Those who offer a “reduced price” for immediate treatment or who will offer pest extermination as part of a package deal if you buy extra services – like home repair – should also be avoided.
  • Inquire about their experience: Has the company dealt with a problem like this before? A good topic to bring up with any potential pest control specialists that you speak with is their experience with an extermination of similar severity. Ask questions like: Do they use Integrated Pest Management techniques? Do they have experience treating a problem like yours? Getting some background on the company’s experience with your specific issue will help you make a more informed decision.


They are many good options for pest control in California, but following these tips and doing your homework about the company beforehand will make sure that it gets done right the first time. A good pest control specialist will explain to you what they are doing and why, as well as be straightforward on ways that you can contribute to controlling the pests in your home. Successful extermination depends on a good relationship between you and your local pest control company!


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