Most of us don’t want to cohabitate with anything that isn’t a family or friend. Insects, spiders, bugs, and rodents are pests we surely don’t want to share our space with and for multiple reasons. Rodents while are somewhat furry, and can be cute at times, if you like that sort of thing, they aren’t something we want running around the house. But aside from being unwanted, why are they so bad to have in your home, and why is it essential to have them removed if spotted?

Group of gray rodentsThe common rodents found in houses include rats, mice, and moles. An infestation from any of these can quickly become out of control because of the rapidness at which they breed. Rodents can be very destructive. Their sharp front teeth can chew through wood, drywall, and wiring. If a mouse or rat set up residence in your home, they will find their way into the walls and make a nest. Once there they will start wreaking havoc. It can become very expensive to hunt down electrical shorts that occur from them gnawing on wires. Frayed wires can also lead to an electrical fire that is very dangerous. This is why it’s imperative to hire La Quinta rat exterminators to prevent damage that could be done.

Rodents, like the Norway rat and house mice, have been known to carry diseases, which is also another threat they bring to a home. While they do keep to themselves, and hide out in dark places, if disturbed or feel threatened, they can bite.

Depending on the type and size of rodent infestation you have, different parts of your home can be susceptible to damage. For instance, the roof rat which is a ubiquitous sight around dwellings, are climbers and are found near, on or directly under the roof. They will chew on insulation that can lead to roof leaks. Moles will destroy any yard, leaving soft spots, and torn up grass wherever they burrow.

How to Eliminate Rodents From Your Home

You shouldn’t try and tackle rodent removal on your own. Because many rodents carry diseases and have the potential to bite it is best to leave it up to La Quinta pest control companies that have experience handling rodents. Some exterminators offer several solutions for eliminating rodents from home including live trappings. The Bug Guys provide La Quinta pest control services to ensure your home remains rodent free.


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