Your home houses your loved ones and doesn’t include pests such as spiders, insects or rodents. When these annoyances enter your home, you will likely want to call a La Quinta pest control company to eliminate them. However, you may have wondered what product should be best used in your home. There are two methods for pest control for the inside or outside of the house. Traditional methods of pest control contain chemicals that can be somewhat harmful to humans and pets. But a better approach has become wildly popular, organic pest control. There are numerous benefits to natural pest control, and you should consider using this service the next time you need La Quinta pest control service.

"Eco Friendly" seal in greenEco-Friendly

Are you worried about the impact we have on the environment? If so, organic pest control solutions is a far better option than traditional pesticides. Many of the organic products, such as Essentria IC-3 on the market are made from all natural ingredients such as essential oils. These pesticides are both practical and safe. Because of the organic makeup of the pesticides, no harm comes to the earth.

Safer Option

Keeping our families safe is the highest priority. When you choose organic pest control over chemical pesticides, there are adverse reactions that can be avoided. For instance, some pesticides have been known to damage lungs, causing chronic respiratory problems. Because organic pest control uses only all natural ingredients there is no need to worry about the safety of those who live in your house. La Quinta insect control can be done as effectively with organic or green pesticide products.


One feature of organic pest control you may not be aware of is its cost. Some may think that by using these products, they will have a higher value associated with calling the professionals. However, the price between the two methods is about the same. In recent times the cost of green products have become much more affordable, which has increased it’s popularity. So when you weigh the benefits of using a better and safer product it just makes sense to choose an effective and reliable process.

Consulting your local pest control about options for organic pest control can give you the peace of mind that you are doing better for your home and the environment. In most cases, green products are just as affordable.


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