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Bees can be a common problem in the Coachella Valley area. If you’ve seen two or more of these insects, call us today for bee removal services. A technician will safely remove the hive, and have your property bee-free in no time.

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While bees and wasps are definitely vital parts of our ecosystem, they can also be a serious pest if placed in the wrong spot at the wrong time. That’s why if you believe you have a bee and wasp infestation, you need to contact us at The Bug Guys Pest Control.

First off, we can figure out whether you are dealing with bees, wasps or some other insect with a stinger. It’s important to know exactly what bees or wasps you’re dealing with because this will play a part on the problems you’re faced with and how to remove them.

When a bee or wasp nest is found, there must be some action taken right away. That’s because you want to make sure that your family, house and pets are all safe. However, you need to remain calm. Our team at The Bug Guys Pest Control will assist you and take care of the issue at hand.

When we visit your home or business, we will take a look around and let you know what we’ve found. During this process, it is best that everyone stays indoors.

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Bee Removal Services in Coachella Valley, CA
  • Inspect and Identify

    Our technicians at The Bug Guys Pest Control will verify what kind of nest you have as well as evaluate how serious the infestation is. We will also identify exactly what kind of insect you have on your property.

  • Determine

    Once we gather up information about what’s infesting your property, we will be able to put together an action plan to remove the bees or wasps.

  • Control and Prevent

    We will then put our plan of action into effect so that the swarm or nest is completely eradicated.

  • Communicate

    Our team will let you know of all the actions that will need to be taken to remove the infestation of bees and wasps you’re experiencing. We will also let you know exactly what you can expect in the day or two after the treatment is put in place. For example, will there be straggler bees or wasps?

Our Removal Service

Once the bees and wasps are moved, the honeycombs may still stay on the site itself. However, without the bees and wasps there to offer cooling, the wax then liquefies and the honey starts going down the walls. This will result in mold forming and a bad odor developing from the decaying nest. There’s now damage to your place happening. Plus, the decaying nest will now attract other pests to start showing up. In fact, you may have other bees and wasps re-infesting the old honeycomb.

It’s clear that when you have bees and wasps on your property, something has to be done. These pests are very detrimental to your household or business. Thankfully, when you give us a call at the Bug Guys Pest Control, we can handle this problem for you. We have years of experience providing bee and wasp removal services to our customers. Here, we care about you and are dedicated to providing you with a pest-free home. With our knowledge, you can rest assured that the problem will be taken care of.

Get Help

If you truly want to maintain a pest-free environment, call on Bug Guys Pest Control at (760) 565-1203 today!

We will take a look at what is happening in your home and come up with a plan to help you going forward.

You don’t have to worry about the time or expense involved in trying to keep a handle on the pests yourself.

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What is the average cost of bee removal?
Bee removal is broken down into simple and complex removal. The price will vary depending on how difficult the bees are to remove and how large the hive may be. For a simple job, the estimated cost is around $75-$150, and a more complex task can be over $200. With an in-structural bee removal, you can expect to may more, as it is more difficult to remove.
Do bees come back after bee removal?
When the colony is removed, there is often a few bees left behind. These are known as straggler bees. In general, these bees will go back to where the colony was, which can lead to a re-infestation. It is essential that when dealing with bees, you have a professional perform the service to ensure the infestation is taken care of properly and lessen the chance of reoccurring hives. However, if straggler bees are given the opportunity, they will recreate the colony, which will then need to be removed again.
Is Bee Removal covered by homeowner's insurance?
Because the cost of bee removal can be somewhat expensive, many homeowners wonder if this cost is covered. However, bee removal isn’t covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies. You should check with your specific plan as to whether or not these services could be covered. Most insurances also don’t include the cost of damage caused by beehives on the property.
How do I know if I have bees in my walls?
The most significant indication that you have bees in your walls is the sound. When there is a colony of bees, the sound of their wings can become quite loud. If you hear buzzing more than likely, you have an insect problem, and that insect problem is probably bees. Bees like places that are shaded, and like being out of the morning light. Masonry bees are typically not found in large colonies and are often found behind the walls.
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