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Rodents, including rats, can be a tremendous nuisance in the home. They can also be destructive and carry disease. Get rid of rodents in your home with rat control services from the Bug Guys Pest Control in Coachella Valley. We provide several solutions designed to meet the needs of our customers and eliminating the pest problem.

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Rats are attracted to our homes in search of food, water, and shelter. They are easily confused with mice, but there are some important differences. Most obvious is that rats are significantly larger than mice with a bulkier shape. Most rats will be from 9-11 inches long with tails that measure another 7-9 inches.

In Coachella Valley, you will most often see two different types of rats: the roof rat and Norway rat. Norway rats are familiar with most people. These rats are occasionally called brown or sewer rats and can be found in large cities. Norway rats have a large body, small ears, and a pink tail. If they make their way into your California home, they will likely remain in the basement or foundations.

On the other hand, roof rats are also called black rats and are more often found in country areas. These dark colors rats have long scaly tails and large ears. They are great climbers and enjoy warm climates like those found in Coachella Valley. You will find them in your home in the attic, walls, or ceiling.

Even if you have rats in your home, you will probably not ever see the actual rodent. Most likely you will find their sign. If you have large droppings, dirt or grease marks on walls, or chewed up furniture, you likely have a rat problem.

Finding rat sign means that you should call a rat exterminator, like Bug Guys Pest Control, immediately. Because rats reproduce so quickly, just one in your home could cause a rat problem.

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If you think you have rats in your Coachella Valley home, you need to call in a professional rat control specialist immediately. It is important not to let a rat infestation take hold on your property. Rats can carry a number of different diseases, including leptospirosis, which affects the liver and kidneys, and salmonellosis, which can lead to cramping and diarrhea. In addition, many people are allergic to rat hair, droppings, and/or dander.

In addition to the health problems they can cause, rats are a nuisance. They eat human food and the items that they do not eat are spoiled when they come into contact with rat feces or fur. Also, a rat infestation can damage the structural integrity of a home. They gnaw and burrow through a number of different materials, including cinder blocks, concrete and aluminum siding. Finally, when rats nest in your home and its walls, they can leave behind a foul odor that is upsetting to many homeowners.


If you live in the Coachella Valley area and have a rat infestation, the best thing that you can do is to call the Bug Guys Pest Control. We guarantee a one-hour call back time for any service call. Plus, our rat exterminators are trained to remove all sign and rats in your home. Our rat control technicians have many years of rat extermination experience and Bug Guys is fully licensed and insured.

Let us take care of your Coachella Valley rat problem and show you the best the Bug Guys Pest Control has to offer.

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How much does a rat exterminator cost?
While you could try to take care of a rodent infestation on your own, it is often not as effective as you might think. It is much simpler to have a professional such as Bug Guys Pest Control handle the infestation. The cost of services can range from $100-$500 based on the extent of the infestation and size of the property. It is better to not wait on extermination services, because it could result in property damage that may be costly to repair.
What does a rat exterminator do?
A rat exterminator will lay the groundwork for setting the traps that ultimately kills the nest. During an inspection, our technician will look for identification that you have a rat problem, and we will locate the nest and determine how severe the problem is. We will make recommendations to make the property less appealing to the rats. Live animal trappings are the most humane way to deal with a rat infestation. Baits are often considered inhumane and not commonly used any longer. Typically for larger infestations, a wildlife professional is warranted for safe removal.
Do rats come out during the day?
Rats are considered a nocturnal creature. They are primarily active between dusk and dawn. If by chance you see a rat during daylight hours it could be that the nest has been disturbed. Another reason to see a rat awake during the day is if the infestation is massive and they are out looking for food. Unlike other types of pests, rats can become an enormous problem due to being disease carriers. If you find one in your home, don’t delay contact us today.
Are rats aggressive?
Rats typically aren’t aggressive or go on the offensive. However, if they are threatened, they can be quite vicious. Chasing rats or backing them into a corner can make the rats extremely aggressive, causing them to bite, scratch, or even box. It is best that if you see a rat in your home, or suspect that you have a rodent infestation that you contact Bug Guys Pest Control promptly. We can safely remove pests from your home, eradicating a rat infestation, without the worry of dealing with aggressive behaviors from the rat.
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