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Scorpions are a massive problem in the Coachella Valley area. Very seldom will you only see one, if your property has an infestation? Get the quality pest control you need with our scorpion extermination service. Let our trained professionals eliminate all traces of scorpions in and around your property.

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In order to get a scorpion problem under control, the area around the house has to be modified. In particular, this means that the yard and house itself must be completely clear of debris. This includes rocks, boards and piles of firewood, as these items are exactly the types of places that scorpions tend to live and hide out in.

Specifically, all trash, bricks and stones have to be taken away from the home. Then, the grass needs to be fully mowed regularly. If there are bushes or trees that are leaning towards the house, those need to be pruned and cut away. That is because these branches can give scorpions a path to take right into your home. Garbage containers should also be placed in a spot that is well above ground level. Then, there are the doors and windows. Those must have weather-stripping installed on them. That’s because cracks and other open passages need to be shut so that scorpions can’t come in.

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Scorpion Control Services in Coachella Valley, CA

Besides cleaning out the perimeter and sealing up open areas leading to your home, pesticides are also employed here to exterminate scorpions. That’s because pesticides are known to reduce the bug population in the home and surrounding area. Since scorpions rely on bugs as their main source of food. If the amount of bugs available to scorpions are lowered, this will control the scorpion issue as well.

It can be difficult to exterminate scorpions, which is why it is crucial that any homeowner or business owner hires a professional extermination service to take on this task. That is exactly what you will get here with us at The Bug Guys Pest Control. Some methods that are taken here to exterminate scorpions are using wet powder formulations when using perimeter sprays because that step has proven to give off better residual control. Also, the highest permissible label rate of any insecticide or pyrethroid should also be used for scorpion control. When the pesticide is applied right onto the scorpion itself, use with caution. The pesticide should also be placed around the foundation of the building as well as near the doors, windows and any other entrance way.

Thankfully, though, when you need these services you can come right to us at Bug Guys Pest Control. We are a business that is located right in Indio, California. Among the rest of our services, we also exterminate scorpions. However, opposed to other pest control companies, we are one that has the experience and expertise you can count on. Here, each and every one of our technicians has been performing scorpion extermination services for years. That means we know what the best techniques are to get rid of scorpions from your home or business.

Here at Bug Guys Pest Control, we are also a company that is completely dedicated to our customers. We make sure to be readily available to take whatever questions you have. Do not hesitate to get in touch as we are here to help you through this issue. Plus, we’ll also go over our scorpion extermination services with you in detail. We care about our customers and it definitely shows. You deserve a home that’s free of pests, so stop waiting to get this problem handled.

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How do you keep scorpions out of your house?

Scorpions are perhaps one of the most feared pests a homeowner can deal with. Understanding what attracts scorpions to the inside of your home will help you to understand better how to keep them away. Scorpions are attracted to food sources, much like every other pest, and their diet consists of insects. If you have an ongoing infestation or presence of insects, your home is more likely to have a problem with scorpions. As predatory arachnids, scorpions while scary can help reduce the number of insects lurking about your home. However, they can be dangerous to humans and pests.

The best action you can take to ward off these pests is to have your home treated with insecticides. This eliminates the food source and will help to keep scorpions outside. Natural remedies you can try include lavender oil, and cinnamon, which are deterrents for these arachnoids. Our process for getting rid of scorpions for the property is treating the perimeter with select chemicals, and identifying points where they could enter the home. We also suggest not leaving any trash out and removing not needed rock piles.

What kind of scorpions are in California?
California is notorious for scorpions, due to the climate. Scorpions live in dry, hotter climates, and can survive in extreme conditions. But scorpions are limited to these warm climates; they exist everywhere except for Antarctica. In California, we have a few species, but the one to be on the lookout for is the Bark Scorpion. These have a toxic sting and are the most dangerous in the US. While these are of the most concern for homeowners, they are in fewer numbers versus the other species. Other notable scorpions that call Southern California home include the Arizona hairy scorpion and the Stripe-tailed scorpion.

No matter which species of scorpions you encounter, it is vital to handle the infestation quickly. The breeding cycle of scorpions is reality fast with a newborn scorpion reaching maturity inside of a month. A bark scorpion will reach up to three inches long, while the Arizona Hairy Scorpion can reach up to 5.5 inches.

Do scorpions attack humans?
While scorpions are a source of fear for many individuals, most species just want to be left alone. Humans are far too large for a scorpion to consume, and as they are a predator species, their main goal is looking for food. This, however, doesn’t mean when a scorpion is defending itself, it won’t look a whole lot like it is attacking. It isn’t attacking though. Scorpions can hide in many places, including rock and wood piles, and if they make their way inside the home can often be found in darker rooms and even in shoes. To avoid the defensive strike of a scorpion, being aware of their presence is the best practice. Since they are more active at night, it is best to avoid places where they could call home. When inside, check your shoes before putting them on. Eliminating scorpions from your property with services from Bug Guys Pest Control can give you greater peace of mind your property is protected.
What is the treatment for scorpion bite?

Scorpions don’t bite. Rather they sting with their hind stinger. It is a defensive move to get predators away from them so that they can make a quick exit. Scorpions can sting multiple times and will do so if they feel threatened. When stung by a scorpion, it’s essential to get medical treatment. There are a few species in California, and one can be harmful to humans. If you are unable to identify which type of scorpion you’ve bee stung by, getting medical attention is the best call. You should try to wash the sting site with soap and water, and apply a cold compress. Some of the possible side effects of a scorpion bite include difficulty swallowing, blurry vision, difficulty breathing, numbness at sting location, and possibly seizures. Because these symptoms can be potentially fatal, it is best to seek medical help as soon as possible. Children are more likely to have a pronounced reaction to the venom of a scorpion and can have severe results.

Are all scorpion stings poisonous?

The excellent news about scorpions is most of them aren’t extremely dangerous. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t venomous. All scorpions have some degree of venom when they sting. This is their natural defense against predators and can work rather well on both their prey and predators. The scorpion releases neurotoxins in their venom, which affect the central nervous system.

In California, the only scorpion that is extremely dangerous and can be fatal to children is the bark scorpion. The other two common SoCal species, the Arizona Hairy Scorpion and the Striped-tailed scorpion, present far less of a threat. Even though the bark scorpion is the most venomous in the US, a healthy adult may have only minor reactions to the venom. Most scorpion stings can be compared to a bee sting. Those that have an allergic reaction to the toxin may find that their side effects are more intense than others.

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