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Spiders can lurk anywhere in the home. If you’ve seen spiders scurrying across your floors, contact us today for the best spider control services in the Coachella Valley area. We clean areas, remove cobwebs, and lay traps that will significantly reduce signs of spiders in the home.

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Scary, creepy and poisonous are just a few of the words that people use to describe spiders. These little pests top the list of the most feared creatures in the world, although they don’t necessarily deserve their bad reputation.

Spiders can actually be useful; they help control the insect population near your property. That being said, you probably don’t want spiders lurking in your house and certainly don’t want to deal with an infestation.

Bug Guy Pest Control can help with spider control around your home. We offer spider removal services that can virtually eliminate all traces of these annoying pests.

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How Can You Get Rid of Spiders?

Vacuuming is a considerable part of spider control, although it needs to be done often for best results. The vacuum picks up the spiders, as well as any egg sacs or spider webs. In addition, if you take away their food supply, spiders will be less likely to hang around your home. If you see insects inside, talk to a pest control professional about what can be done in your situation.

One big difference between insects and spiders is that insects groom themselves using their mouths. Insecticide is, therefore, an effective way of treating these pests because they walk through it and then ingest it during the grooming process. Spiders, however, do not groom using their mouths. In order to kill a spider, you have to spray directly on it or kill it by squashing it. The use of pesticides or insecticides is typically ineffective against spiders.

Don’t bring anything inside your home unless you look it over carefully. If you order items online, any packages that are brought to your house should be inspected before you carry them inside. If you set down your grocery bags as you take them out of your car, you must look them over as well. Spiders are sneaky and can get into your house via several different routes. However, this is one way to cut down on the issues you are seeing.

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Spider Control Services in Coachella Valley, CA

Essential Facts About Spiders

Spiders are not insects; since they have eight legs, they are classified as arachnids. Although all spiders have fangs, that doesn’t mean they are dangerous; there are only a few spiders that are poisonous to humans, including the black widow spider and brown recluse spider. The good news in California, we just have to deal with the black widow. But the black widow can be dangerous, especially to those that have a higher sensitivity. The bite from one of these spiders can result in nausea, pain at the puncture site, and difficulty breathing.

Spiders seek out your home looking for shelter, water, food, and other spiders. If insects make their way into your living space, spiders will likely follow. A bug infestation, then, is the first sign that you may soon have a spider problem as well. When using pest control for spiders, one of the focal points is to eliminate their food source, I.e., insects. With the removal of insect infestations from the home, spiders will be less likely to call your home, theirs.

Why Should You Be Worried?

In general, spiders are merely a nuisance. However, there are a few that can harm you, including the two noted above. If a poisonous spider bites you, seek the help of a medical professional. Other spider bites can be treated at home by cleaning the injury, applying an ice pack and elevating the affected area. If the bite does not improve with time, schedule an appointment with your doctor.

If spiders stay long in your home, they will lay eggs, and the infestation will get worse. Contacting The Bug Guys Pest Control for spider removal service and treatment for insect infestation will be your first line of defense from unwanted bites.

Our Treatment for Spider Extermination

When you call The Bug Guys Pest Control for a spider extermination service, our primary goal is to assess the situation. We will look at the nooks and crannies of the home, and find signs of where the spiders are setting up their webs.

With a cleaning of the webs, it will make it less likely for the spiders to remain in the home. Then with the application of insecticide to kill their food source, will typically draw them out and want to move on. Locating the nest is one of the more difficult tasks, but we are experts! There is nowhere a spider can hide that we don’t know about. We may recommend the use of glue traps in certain areas of your home.

Traps work excellent for spider control in conjunction with other methods. So, if you notice a spider problem at your residence, get in touch with a pest control professional before the issue gets out of control. In addition, a pest expert can tell you what type of spiders you have at your property and whether any of them are harmful to humans.

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How much does spider control cost?
There is no set price for spider control, but you can expect to pay between $150 and $300 to have your spider problem fixed immediately. The severity of the infestation is the main determinant of whether you will pay an extra fee for additional services or recurring maintenance. Spider control services encompass all costs including materials, time and expertise of certified technicians required to thoroughly perform the service. In case you see the price too good to be true, it is most probably the case. However, it is always better if the quality of the job dictates the price because at times low pricing may just be due to lack of a guarantee.

For routine pest control, treating both inside and outside the property, the initial cost will be more than follow-up visits due to the assessment of the property to look for infestations and developing a tailored treatment plan. But for each follow-up visit after the initial consultation and appointment, will average $40-$60. We have several programs available to meet our customer’s needs and budget for exact pricing contact us today.

Does spraying for spiders work?
Spraying is not a great defense method against spiders since they do not easily pick up pesticides nor are chemical substances effective against them. Their long legs elevate their bellies above the ground making it difficult for insecticide residue to penetrate their circulatory systems. Most of these chemicals are collected at the feet and are then washed off gradually. Of course, you shouldn’t expect perfection in spider control using the spray method, however, making contact with the insect using a newspaper, a shoe, direct spray, or whatever other weapons you may have offer better alternatives than spraying. This way, you are assured that the population of the insect is reduced.

Residential pest control can also be used in apartments and condos in addition to homes. With routine spray treatments, you can minimize the risk of infestations from insects, including ants, roaches, and termites. Using chemical pesticides, we go around the perimeter of each room and the property.

How often should I spray for spiders?
Consistently spraying your interior and exterior surroundings every quarter will kill all the insect populations in your compound. Consequently, this keeps the “spider food” at bay depriving the spiders their major means of survival. Depending on the company you are hiring for spider control services, they should provide special product that can be used to knock down all spider webs both in the house and outside. Most companies extend their services to preventative measures so as to avoid further infestations. You may consider spraying during spring because during this period pest numbers are low with many nests waiting to form a colony in summer.
What attracts spiders in your house?
Spiders are attracted to damp and dark areas such as gutters and basements although they can still be found in warm areas around the homestead. Spiders tend to be abundant in regions that have flourishing populations of other insects because these act as their main provision for food. Keeping bugs out of your home is a daunting task as there are many cracks and crevices, some that you may not even see, and can be used by the insects to squeeze their way into the house. Spiders use these small openings to find their way around the foundation. Also, if you have a garden or live in a wooded area, you are more prone to have increased spider activity in your foundation.

Organic pesticides, while being eco-friendly, isn’t always the best solution. For those that want a specific solution to pests, chemical pesticides are the best remedy for fast and effective results.

Are house spiders dangerous?
The fear associated with spiders is mostly unwarranted since spiders are almost certainly not dangerous. Of more than 3,000 species found in the contiguous United States, most are harmless and don’t have dangerous bites. Spiders will never attack humans unless it’s a reaction for self-defense. Even in extreme circumstances where the spider does bite, there is an off-chance probability that the spiders will inject venom. Of course, some spiders such as the brown recluse and the black widow are deemed dangerous. However, they use their venom for predatory advantages like hunting. This affects inset life thereby helping to reduce pest populations in homesteads, gardens and around homes.
How do you get rid of a spider infestation?
Depending on where you live, it is sometimes tough to completely keep off spiders from your surroundings. However, at Bug Guys Pest Control, we can effectively dissuade spiders by depriving them of the things they are after. In essence, get rid of the bugs to get rid of the spiders. Sweep and vacuum regularly, especially in the attic areas and basements. Pay attention to the window sills, corners, and ceilings. Crack and crevice treatment with chemical insecticides may provide some control although you can still use sticky traps and glue boards. These are non-chemical capture mechanisms that lure insects using a scent. The trapped insects attract the spiders to trap them altogether.

We not only provide routine treatments but single infestation solutions. Some of these pests we can eliminate from your home include bees, wasps, rodents, fleas, snakes, rabbits, and bed bugs. Contact us today for all your pest control needs. If something isn’t listed, we still may be able to solve your unwanted pest problem.

Residential pest control can also be used in apartments and condos in addition to homes. With routine spray treatments, you can minimize the risk of infestations from insects, including ants, roaches, and termites. Using chemical pesticides, we go around the perimeter of each room and the property.

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