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Wasp stings can be excruciating. If you have a nest on your Coachella Valley property, have it safely removed with the help for the professionals at Bug Guys Pest Control. We provide fast elimination of wasp nests, to ensure your property is safe from these stinging insects.

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Bug Guys Pest Control Offers Wasp Extermination in Coachella Valley, California

Wasps are not known for being friendly. In fact, these are some of the more aggressive insects in the area. One may not be a huge problem, but when dealing with a hive, it can be a massive issue. We are pleased to offer the fastest solution for getting rid of wasps on your property. It is highly recommended that when you have a wasp problem, you contact your local professional pest controller for service. Wasps, when threatened, will sting and can do so multiple times.


Why Choose Bug Guys Pest Control for Wasp Extermination?

We know that there are several choices out there for pest control. But when you choose Bug Guys, you are selecting a locally-owned and operated company that will treat you just like family. We go out of our way to ensure your pest problems are under control and that your property will remain bug and insect-free.

When it comes to wasp extermination, you won’t find a more experienced professional in the Coachella Valley area. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our technicians are skilled at removing aggressive wasps nest no matter how big the infestation may be. A single nest can contain 100 wasps, sometimes more. We safely eliminate the nest using the highest level of safety possible to ensure you and our technicians won’t be stung. Our technicians will work quickly to remove the nest and have your home wasp-free in no-time.

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Wasp Extermination Services in Coachella Valley, CA

Why Should You Have Professional Wasp Control Services?

Have you seen a wasp flying around your yard? Chances are there is more than one wasp on your property. An active nest contains a hundred or more, depending on the type. Wasps include not only the common wasp but also hornets. These are known as aggressive insects and for a good reason. These pests are known to sting, and they don’t give up. Some wasps have even been known to chase those that have disturbed the nest.

If a wasps’ nest isn’t removed professionally, the chance of reconstruction is high. Wasps known as stragglers will often build a new nest in a similar location of their last hive. We take our time to make sure most of the wasps are off the property, including choosing the best time of the day for removal. Wasps are more active at certain times than others, and this can significantly affect the success of wasp extermination.

While you may assume that eliminating the nest will eliminate a wasp infestation, this is not the case. To completely solve a wasp problem, it is recommended that you treat at night when all the workers and queen are present at the nest site. Because all the wasps will be present, most will be killed with treatment. The chance of reoccurrence will be lower. Another reason we choose to do these treatments in the evening is there is less risk of getting stung as they are less aggressive at night.


When choosing a professional for wasp extermination such as Bug Guys Pest Control, you’ll find that the service is:

Safer than DYI
Prevent returning of nests
Highly effective
Professional results

Tired of Running from Wasps?

If you have wasps on your property, it is likely they have taken over your outdoor space. The presence of wasps is not something anyone wants to be around, and we understand entirely. But if you would like to regain your outdoor space and get rid of these aggressive flying and stinging insects, we are here to help.

Get Professional Results with Bug Guys!

We know that hiring a professional for a pest control solution, you deserve the best results. With our wasp extermination, we go above and beyond to eliminate these unwelcome guests from your property. No matter if there is one or two nests, a dozen wasps, or hundreds, our trained professionals will solve the problem quickly.

Our Personal Guarantee

We guarantee great results. You’re hiring us to get rid of pests. That is precisely what we will deliver. If for some reason, wasps return within thirty days, we’ll return to at no cost to you to retreat the area. Our wasp extermination services are affordable and a must for anyone that is experiencing a wasp problem. Again, we highly recommend not tackling a wasp/hornet problem on your own. They can be extremely aggressive, especially when tampering with their nest.

Trust Bug Guys Pest Control For Wasp Extermination

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If you are having a wasp problem in or around your Coachella Valley home, Bug Guys Pest Control is here to help.

With our extermination services, we can quickly remove the nest, wasps, and the queen. Because they won’t rebuild their nest in the same place the following year, our customers find this to be an excellent solution to their problem.

If you’re ready to be wasp-free, fill out the form on this page or contact us today at (760) 565-1203, to receive a free quote!

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How much does it cost to get rid of wasps?
Wasps can be one of the most challenging and frightening pests to eliminate from the home or property. These are stinging insects and are often unsafe to get rid of on your own, which is reflected in the cost of removal. The average cost for wasp removal services can range from $100 for a simple extraction to $1300 for a complicated removal with more substantial colonies. The location of the nest will also play a role in the cost of service.
Should wasp nests be removed?
While you might think that getting rid of the nest is enough to eliminate a wasp infestation, the problem is if any wasps are left behind, they will reconstruct a new nest. To completely get rid of a nest, it is best to treat at night when all the workers and queen are present at the nest site. This will ensure every wasp is killed, and a reoccurrence is low. Not only is it more effective at night for treatment, but it is also less risky as hornets and wasps are less aggressive.
Do wasps come back to the same nest each year?
The excellent news about wasps and hornets is that they won’t make their same nest one for the new year. They will create a new one in a new location. However, they may choose the same place and construct a new nest if the conditions are optimal. Queen wasps will hibernate over the winter and work on their nest during spring. You can kill the nest or remove it from your property and not worry too much they will return to the same spot.
Do wasps hibernate in houses?
Your home is a very attractive place for most insects and bugs. It has all the food sources they require, and it stays a decent temperature year-round. For this reason, yes, some wasps will hibernate in your home. Paper wasps specifically have been known to hide in the wall voids during winter, and emerge once spring hits. They will suspend their growth throughout the colder months, making hibernating in your home ideal. Sealing off your home is the greatest defense against hibernating wasps.
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